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Median, I was atheist for 7/8 years.  I'm constantly watching The Science Channel and learning what I can about science.   I have disregarded all religions and go by my own judgement.  You on the other hand along with every body else here have the hardest closed minds to open.  You think being condescending and sarcastic proves your point.  It doesn't it just makes you look arrogant.  My biggest gripe with Christians is not accepting people how they are.  Atheist seem to have the same problem.

I'm here reading all the sarcastic condescending crap.  That just makes me skeptical of ever turning away from belief in God.  I get closer to God every time I come here.  Explain that.  Please don't disregard this question.

Notice how nearly everything in your response here has to do with how you feel. You didn't provide any rational arguments. You didn't even provide any of this 'wisdom' you supposedly gained from the science channel. All you did was whine and cry about how people are making you feel here and that those feelings are are the motivating factor behind your belief in a deity. Well, I'm sorry to have to break it to you but your feelings are irrelevant to whether or not your beliefs are true - and claiming that you were an atheist for some years doesn't really get you anywhere here either because that term is used quite sloppily to mean varying things all the time. See, it is the, "my own judgment" that we are trying to get at. What exact judgment is that? What reasons (rational arguments, evidence, etc) can you provide for this belief - b/c again, all we've seen so far are irrational arguments using logical fallacies (and those are not good reasons).

p.s. - "Accepting people how they are" has absolutely nothing to do with it. You came to an atheist debate site and then start complaining that people aren't "accepting you". We are here for rational interchange. Whether or not we "accept" you as a person is completely aside from the point. I'm sorry that you solely identify yourself with your beliefs, but they are separate (as in you would not die if they changed). Let's get back to the topic.

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