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Humans are unable to follow the law because we don't
walk side by side with God in the garden, as Adam did.
Even then, he was given the option to disobey, which
he did.

But of course, according to your own claimed holy book, the "knowledge of good and evil" didn't exist at that time. So Adam/Eve would have had absolutely no knowledge that what they were doing was wrong. Their actions would have been moot. It is an outright contradiction to say that they knew they were doing something wrong but that no knowledge of good/evil existed. If you admit that there was knowledge of good/evil then you must admit that your bible contradicts itself (and this is what we would except from superstitious people living in the pre-scientific era and writing down stories passed down).

You simply cannot reconcile your assumed religion with reality. Your theology is purely irrational - plain and simple - because it is self contradictory. To deny this is to accept intellectual dishonesty - which brings me back to a question I asked you in a different post:

Do you even care whether or not your beliefs are actually true?
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