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Believe First and You Will See

Belief is not what others think as non-negotiable or unchangeable. It can be changed in a slight of a moment, specially when proven wrong.

Believe First...
In business, before you do a certain business, there are alot of belief involved, you believe first you can do it, you believe in your plan, you believe in your partners, you believe you will earn, why? Because you havent started yet. If one says he has a business he doesnt believe in, he is probably making a false claim, why? because you wont do it if you dont believe you can. So everything starts with belief in that aspect.

...then You will See
After you believe you can, then you act on it. After you act, thats when the results come up. Then You See the results of the business.

Absolutely 100% WRONG.

As I said before, I am a business owner. I own and operate 3 separate businesses with 3 separate models. I can tell you, flat out, that you are completely in error with your example. Business people DO NOT "believe first". That is complete and total hogwash. We do research, investigate, study and analyze markets, search for partners/co-interested parties or investors and do our due diligence. Did you do this kind of disinterested and critical research with the bible before believing it wholesale? I think not. It is only AFTER all of that (and then some) that we place TENTATIVE trust in the evidence. This is NOTHING like your "believe first" way of talking about FAITH. They are leagues apart.

If my business partner made an extraordinary claim regarding a "fail-proof" get rich quick investment, and the investment didn't come through (assuming I would even buy in), I would dump the investment quickly. Can you honestly say that you would just as easily dump your "belief" in Jesus when you discovered the miracles he allegedly commanded you to do are not happening? I think not.

No, we do not believe we will earn money "because we haven't started yet". We tentatively trust the evidence based upon analysis and hard work. You are committing the logical fallacy of an Equivocation (do you know what that is?) regarding the word "believe" and are severely wrong. "Believing" for you, IS NOT the same thing as for me.

Where is your evidence and demonstration of this Yahweh deity like we have evidence and demonstrations of successful businesses?

Btw, if your belief in Jesus "can be changed in the slight of a moment, especially when proven wrong" then what would it take to prove you wrong? HINT: Let's see if it's consistent with what we'd expect in business.
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