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weak atheism is. correct. Strong atheism however holds a positive position, namely that God most probably does not exist. By a close examination, it becomes very fast clear here, that strong atheism is the position hold by most  atheism forum participants, even if they deny this.

No actually, it is by your close ASSUMPTION that you make this judgment! These terms (strong/weak atheism) are YOUR labels, not ours. How would you like us to start labeling you? Would that take the discussion any further? You have made the grievous error of thinking that many of us hold a position that we do not hold (i.e. - "There is no God"), while making a bald faced accusation (based in your Romans 1 assumption) that we are lying about what we think.

I think I can speak for many of us here when I say...HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! 

Would it take the conversation any further if we played your same game and accused YOU of being a secret atheist? "We know that deep down you don't believe this shit." For a person who professes to follow 'Jesus' you certainly don't show it here.

Xtians do have a world view, even if they differe from each other. Same with ( strong ) atheists.  Weak atheists do not debate in forums, because the issue of God is irrelevant for them.

BULLSHIT! Are you going to attempt the fallacy of No True Scotsman now?? How irrational are you willing to go? You obviously have diluted yourself into believing that we hold positions that we do not hold (and this is of course convenient for you given your assumption about the bible). So to set the record straight, NO, you are dead wrong. Many non-believers here are interested in this topic (whether you choose to accept that our not) and that includes people who simply lack belief in a deity but remain open to the idea. [NEWSFLASH! You still have the burden of proof whether you like it or not!] These misguided categorizations you keep attempting to slap on us are no different from your presuppositions regarding the bible. But assuming your position in advance is irrational. As this OP asks, you need to DEMONSTRATE YOUR DEITY - not just make empty accusations. 

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