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Because God does amazing things through people like this. :)


Your article states [in part], "The love of God the Father for God the Son is the measure of the love of the Son for believers!" Well then God must not love us very much!

This is in direct contradiction with your own bible. Have you even read it? Jesus repeatedly states (supposedly he said this) that his disciples will (not might, but will) heal the sick, raise the dead, and do greater works than he supposedly did - if you are true believers (John 14, Mark 16) you should be doing this. "Healing their hearts" is the new Christianity of today. It's the whole touchy, feely, lovey, dovey, Christianity that focuses on the "turn the other cheek" bits and completely ignores the passages that stand in stark contradiction to your theology.

Sorry dude, the bible clearly teaches that you should be healing amputees (and tons other physical ailments - not just "their hearts"). If you can't, then either 1) you aren't a true believer (which means you aren't saved), or 2) the whole thing is bull crap. Since we both know that ALL other religions around the world are man-made (and false) - only you think just ONE is true - I'm going with option #2. Mankind has demonstrated (overwhelmingly) that he is willing to make-up bullshit religions in order to control people and pacify his fear of death. Christianity is just another false religion in a LONG line of man-made false relgions.
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