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"The Trinity" (a concoction of the church, not found in the bible) is just another spin tactic, in the long line of Christian spin. It is an attempt to rationalize away the glaring and obvious contradiction that exists in those pages.

-The bible says the father is God
-The bible says the son is God
-The bible says the holy spirit is God
-Yet, the bible says there is only one God

So, instead of admitting that the bible clearly and flatly contradicts itself (which would mean admitting it is NOT inerrant), Christians attempt to justify the statements (due to their pre-commitment to it) by claiming that the three are "one God in 3 persons". But why do they believe these texts are authoritative in the first place?! It's really absurd. Starting with your conclusion is bass-ackwards.

Why can't you apologists be honest?
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