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So, are you an ex born-again-Christian-Apologist or just ex-born-again but still a Christian Apologist?

And, if the former, were you a Christian Apologist for 20 years, or have been an ex for 20 years?

Ah, good questions! And thank you for asking. I just realized this could be misconstrued in some fashion (as I was a bit vague). I am an EX (all of the above). That is to say, I was a "born-again" Christian for nearly 20 years and was a Christian apologist for about 15 of those years (give or take). I am now an agnostic atheist (if I may use those terms) and no longer hold any of those religious views. So, the pendulum has swung in the reverse!

In short (and in Dan Barker/John Loftus type fashion), I experienced a "gradual migration" out of religion and "faith" - via the avenue of, and toward, REASON! Basically, in challenging the views of others (as a Christian Apologist) I began to challenge my own views. And when I did, those views/beliefs began to fall apart. It was like watching a house of cards fall in slow motion (a very-slow 5 year long movie).

So, if one of you is debating with a theist on here and begins to lose hope, thinking, "You're so far gone. It's pointless." Think again! I WAS that guy you are debating with. I was just as irrational, just as much of an ass, just as hard headed, and just as "too far gone" (in most cases). It took 5+ years for me but things can change. Keep the logic hammer around, and keep pounding! Apologists are often secretly questioning/doubting but would never let you know the truth because it's too painful. They have made an emotional/lifestyle investment, and it is painful to give that up.

Anyways, I hope this clarified a bit.

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