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It is must be hard to be as wrong as Wayne is about everything and still function in life.

I have many friends with whom I disagree on matters of religion and politics. Yet we can still hold coherent conversations on both subjects. We can disagree without either of us uttering a constant stream of delusions. We are able to argue our points of view, and can see where the other person is coming from, even as we continue to disagree.

But Wayne's obsessions, be they with Obama the junior lawyer or Idi Amin or his gray car or the faked photo showing him with Clint Eastwood or his myriad premonitions, were over the top in every possible way. And his willingness to declare himself the winner based solely on the fact that he'd said something on the subject was astonishing. He never listened to our responses, because he predetermined that no other sources of information, no other opinions, no other possibilities, just plain nothing, ever needed to be considered again. He had spoken.

He is a man without curiosity, only answers. A man without understanding, only imagined brilliance. Which makes his above average ability to be civil (for a christian) all the more perplexing. How did he keep his cool when he had nothing to keep it in? He got a little snarky towards the end, but never resorted to actual profanity.

Don't get me wrong. He was very profane. Everything he wrote was profane. But without four letter words. Unique amongst the more ardent christians of the world, methinks.

I Would have waved bye-bye but he couldn't have seen me anyway. It is so dark where he keeps his head.


Just as I was not too long ago, Wayne is a man who started with a conclusion (an arbitrary comfortable assumption, spoon-fed to him by his parents and church members). He, like nearly every other Christian I've ever known, made an emotional investment. And as for now, he cannot allow any matter of critical or rational thinking to get in the way of his investment. It's the infinite "because I say so" fallacy - designed to keep his precious presupposition shielded from the reality that is so close. Sad.

But you know what? It's good to know that while he is attempting to "pray" for us, we will be thinking for him.


p.s. - Where did he claim victory?
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