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Good critical thinking skills logic, reason, and evidence together may get you to the moon, but without God, none of those things matter.

I'm not diminishing their importance in this world, and I intend to employ them, but God gives me irrefutable evidence of himself and I'm working on my skills here to translate it to you.

None of these things matter to you, but that is because you have ASSUMED your theology (and that the bible is "God's inspired word") from the outset, and you've done so quite uncritically (i.e. - your parents told you, and you just bought it). Again, you are practicing hypocrisy because you DON'T accept other holy books that way. How about being consistent? Again, other religions claim to have experiences JUST LIKE YOURS - and they say those experiences are confirmations of THEIR RELIGIONS. Therefore, having FAITH in this (merely trusting your subjective experiences/internal factors alone) is not reliable. It is not a reliable pathway to separating fact from fiction. Every religion does this. It fails for them and it fails for you.

Secondly, evidence is (by definition) demonstrable to others. Claiming you had some experience (even if you did!) doesn't in any way make it evidence. You can SAY, all day long, that God has given you irrefutable evidence but you are lying to yourself. Evidence is not personal. It is public, viewable, testable, and/or falsifiable by others. What you keep trying to do is blur the lines between what is evidence and what is not (so you can't keep holding on to your assumption) - but that is more dishonesty.

Do you not think there are people in this world who practice self-deception (i.e. - delusion)?? What kinds of traits, mannerisms, or characteristics do those people exhibit Wayne? If you do a little research you will find that (generally) what those people display is indistinguishable (i.e. - identical) from what you are doing.

Self Deception:

An individual:
•holds two contradictory beliefs
•holds them simultaneously
•is unaware of holding one of the beliefs
•is motivated to remain unaware of that belief.


•Self-serving bias - Attributing successes to internal factors, and failures to external factors
•Confirmation bias - Tendency to interpret events (our own actions) in ways that confirm our beliefs
•Defensiveness associated with challenged beliefs

Lastly, what makes you think your experiences are "irrefutable"?? People who say things like that are generally people who DO NOT CARE whether their beliefs are actually true. In a round about way, what you've just admitted is that (no matter what) you are unwilling to change your mind. Do you know what that's called Wayne? CLOSED-MINDEDNESS! And practicing being closed minded (i.e. - dogmatic/fixated) is NOT a pathway to truth. It is a classic characteristic of someone who practices self-deception or delusion. It means you don't really care if your beliefs are true.

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