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Worry not Median - Wayne has missed a couple of my posts too.  I'm sure he'll get to them in time.  The questions of mine he still hasn't addressed are:

1) We had an exchange which went:

In eternity, the end of life on earth could be defined as good, to a Christian
So if I killed your daughter, that would be good?
No that would be bad.

I've asked Wayne to explain the apparent contradiction in his statements.  Either the ending of a life is a good action according to his philosophy, or a bad one.

2) Wayne has also said:

It would be evil if you knew to do good and decided to instead do evil.

...which seems pretty absolute.  However, he wishes to say that in his god's case, that does not apply.  I've asked him to explain why - bearing in mind that he has also said that he is unable to explain why his god does what it does.  So I've asked by what measure he is able to reverse his normal ideas of morality to excuse a being whose actions he is unable to explain.

I suspect the answer to the second question will ultimately boil down to "Faith, I guess" as Median points out.  And to a point, if that works for Wayne based on his life experiences, then fair enough.  But I'm wondering whether Wayne will be able to accept that for people like us, who have NOT had the benefit of the many "interventions" he has experienced, we would naturally come to the opposite conclusion.

By this post I am reminded of the question of goodness. Wayne, do you think that your God is all good? If the answer is yes, by what standard are you making that judgment? If you say the bible, the next question is, why do you accept the bible (and why do you think you can judge your God as "good" but not the other way)? If you say, "faith, I guess" then you have now entered into circular reasoning. Saying "I accept the bible on faith" is fundamentally no different from saying "I accept the bible because I accept the bible" (b/c the very idea of "faith" was given to you by that same bible). So then you have given no reason at all. We are asking why accept ANY of it as authoritative at all (including the "faith" idea which was also take from IT).

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