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I believe because he has proved himself personally to me as my stories below attest.

But now you are being dishonest and not telling the whole truth. You are only telling a half truth. The REAL reason you believe is because YOUR PARENTS TOLD YOU SO (as you admitted earlier). The attempts to confirm the bias of what you already believed came later. And the stories you are providing are indistinguishable from coincidence or happenstance. They are NOTHING like the miracles Jesus allegedly said you would be able to do if you were his disciple (John 14, Mark 16).

I have stories that predate that, I use that one because this site asks Why God Doesn't Heal Amutees, My story explains Why God Let Those Kids Die.  There is a connection between my story and this site that My God specifically directed me here to expound on and he did it and confirmed it to me by giving me a dream beforehand about having my leg amputated.  My God guides me and I believe in him for that.  He guides me and therefore He is real.

He guides you, but just not in any way you can demonstrate in any non-vague (specific) way, right? How do you know this God guides you and that it's not just your own head-voice (confirming what you already assumed from childhood)? You do know that most religions claim this, and have similar stories/claims as yours right?

I think taht my experiences confirm faith and therefore I'm not entirely guided by faith, but by experience.  It may not be the case for others as it is with me,  but faith is a key element.

I don't agree that faith is not a pathway to truth, that only works for Aheism. (Or doesnt work, whatever.)  You use it as a maxim, I say it is false.

And that is because you are practicing Confirmation Bias. If you think faith is a pathway to truth, then is the Muslim religion the correct one? They have lots of faith. How about the Baptists who say Mormonism is a CULT and it is not real Christianity? They have lots of faith too. Has their faith lead them to the truth that Mormonism is a lie and Joseph Smith is a fraud?

Wayne, faith (believing things when you don't have good evidence or reason to) is NOT a pathway to truth - no matter how much you want it to be. Faith does NOT help anyone to separate fact from fiction. The fact that you need faith demonstrates that you are willing to believe on little, obscured, or no evidence. That is called CREDULITY. Pretending to know something that you don't know is not a good thing.

Do you "just have faith" if a salesmen comes to your door selling a "magic potion", for $1000, that will cure many ills? Be consistent.

I might have a tendency to take the bible seriously more thatn others simply by the fact that I have been directed specifically by it.  I don't undserstand it all but my experience has persuaded me that God has messages for me in it if I am willing to listen when his spirit speaks, as it did with the confirmation taht he was reminding me of things that he had previously taught me.  See John 14:26

But "when his spirit speaks" ASSUMES your bible is true. This doesn't address what I asked you, and really, Muslims do the same thing with the Koran. Assuming what the bible says doesn't make it true.

I think I understand what you mean by faith is not a pathway to truth, because for you it is true, it just isn't for me.

100% false. It IS true for you actually - just as it is true for everyone. Simply having faith in something, doesn't make it true. And when you have the facts, you don't need faith - because faith is believing when you don't have good evidence or reason to do so. It is pretending to know something you don't know.

I really don't think it is lost on everyone here what my part in validating my belief in god has to do with remarkable incidents whose unlikelyhood eliminates them from the cooincidence category.

Just how exactly are you qualified enough to make the determination of the "likelihood" of these stories?? Even if I assumed that your retelling of these stories is entirely accurate (which I don't) what makes you think they are "eliminated from the coincidence category"?? Can't you see your own credulity? Extremely rare events happen ALL THE TIME (such as the CA LOTTERY MEGA MILLIONS), but that doesn't make them miraculous. Read Mark 16 again. You need more than just these "unlikely" events.

Since my case for the existence of god centers around my remarkable supernatural incidences, let me rattle off a list of them that I know are more than  coincidence.

But this is completely disingenuous and dishonest because this ISN'T the real reason you believe. You believe because someone taught it to you when you were a child (while you were impressionable and didn't have a choice), just like the other religions do. These stories are a smoke screen. You're not telling us the whole truth Wayne.

So, In conclusion, my God is real, he gives me joy as you can see, his judgements scare the bejesus out of me, and He is the same God that the bible talks about because he uses bible scripture to tell me things.

He is also a God that blinds unbelievers to his existence.  I quoted that Scripture earlier.

This is circular reasoning again. You are saying that you know God is real because the bible says so and that you know the bible is true because God says. You are being irrational Wayne. That is the point here. You can't know that your God "blinds unbelievers to his existence" unless you first ASSUMED the bible was the word of God. Muslims try this trick too. It doesn't work.

Your first assumption (the one you made from childhood) is your primary error. Muslims do it too, with the Koran. It's wrong for them and it's wrong for you.

You have a very low standard of evidence for your assumed religion. Why don't you have that same low standard for other religions?
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