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welcome wiz, had a quick read and &)

Everything is wrong in the bible.

Genesis, all wrong, our planet is older than 6000 thousand years,
There was no Adam and eve to perpetuate this species to what we see today.
Absolutely impossible, genetic diversity is needed. The story of the great raven extracting people from a giant clam makes better sense than; man from mud or female from rib. You would be excused out of science class for making such ridicules statements.
Taking snakes.. Really.    Exodus from Egypt. funny the Egyptians never wrote about losing thousands of slaves in one day.  Talking about a bible the bible is about as interesting as sitting in a dentist chair. It’s painful to take seriously. 

I never knew what a god was till I was nine. I just did not get it, why would it talk to so many people except me?  Then I grew up. No hobgoblins under the bed no fairies in the garden, there is no grand plan or heaven and hell.

Just us humans, living, creating, making friends building lives, passing on genetic material then finally dying.
That's it. You're here, you have one life. Thank your parents and enjoy, because it don't last long.
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