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Evidence for evolution.  Can you show one good example of evidence?  The best of all pieces of evidence that exists for evolution....what is it?

Ill take a shot but you wont give a crap.

Stratigraphy, the first and easiest method of dating.
I live in what you would call a rain forest, every year plants die, and trees shed their needles, pine cones, leaves. It's pretty much a debris field that's about an inch thick. In ten years its ten inches. Now imagine if you can how old the earth really is. But you don't care because you have only read one book.

Now what “caused” the big bang? I don't know and don't really care. Of course Christians would love it. If we would admit that their god caused it. Sorry pall, we don't know what god caused it, if any god caused anything at all. You were not there and neither was I. so what's the point of trying to explain something you do not want to accept. You only trust one book. 

There is plenty of evidence that our common ancestor is a type of ape but you don't care. There is that book in the way again. 

Dogs have a common ancestor, yet most Christian's will still call them dogs even though one species of dog gives birth to new species almost on a daily bases,from a planetary perspective. But you don't give a crap about that sort of thing. Yup, you can watch evolution, on a yearly bases at your local dog park. How easy was that?

That book written by men, who thought the world was as big as the horizon, lived in caves and thought common dieses were the work of a demon. They were afraid of the dark they were afraid of a women's menstrual cycle. They thought they could change an animal's fur color, by simply tying strange colored fabrics to fence posts. I am surprised humans made it this far without starving to death. Praying don't fix roofs or plant fields.
Do you actually live like a Amish?  You have a computer the world is at your fingertips but I will assume that book will be in the way and you will refuse to learn a dam thing.
Grow up.   
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