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It is far more wrong to legislate that a woman must carry any and all pregnancies to full term, than it is to stop an unwanted pregnancy.  The problem of abortion is not about the abortion, it is about the unwanted pregnancy.  Humans are animals, and thus they are predisposed to sexual intercourse, and that leads to unwanted pregnancies.  Those who cannot handle this simple fact, should step out of the debate, as they live in some deluded world where stopping a pregnancy is the same as murdering a baby.  Stupid.
A human embryo, is a growing human being... Individual from the Mother. It has its own genetic code and will become a , living thinking human being. Before conception, an egg or a sperm only has half a genetic code... At conception, a unique individual is created separate from the mother. Frankly your argument that Humans are animals is pretty stupid. It is already clear that there is a difference. For example, many would say owning a dog is Ok, but owning a person is not. Cows are raised for their meat... and doing the same with people would be atrocious. So you cant say that humans are animals and that makes it OK, because why that might be true it is still a human being with its own genetic code. So then please tell me how it is different then killing a child?
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