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bertaberts... You say you are criticly minded... But what you mean is that your an atheist... There is a difference.

You never actually thought about what I said did you...
You already knew who I was, so the only possible explanation is that I was lying to you or lying to myself...

Maybe if you would of thought critically you could have come up with this...

I believe God exists and that he is a good god. If god started ordering me to kill people, I wouldn't so much think he was a good god and I probably wouldn't listen to him. Or acknowledge his authority whatsoever. I may believe in god, but I'm still my own person who make my own decisions. So dont EVER tell me otherwise, because you are unknowledgable.. So put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Criticly Minded. And Drop this argument its ignorant and there is no path in which you win.

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