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Added: And 12 Monkeys is being too nice. We killed his people by the millions. And you Portuguese were in on it too.

No.... We didn't do anything, we weren't there. Millions were killed, by individuals, most of whom have been lost to history. I am not saying that was not an atrocity, however to attach he actions of individuals to a group of people based on there ethnicity and heritage is pretty racist.

Parking places...thanks

 My little corner of the world is a prime example of the "Christians" compassion. In the mid 1700's when Europeans and Spanish arrived there were about 18,000 Haida. It was all good at first trade fur for metal,then fur ran short and we outlived our usefullness to them. In 1863 there were about 1000 left.

 The survivors then had their children kidnapped and shipped to residential schools.....Christians and the like.....BARBARIANS!

To you as well... those responsible for what happened to your people are dead... To say that all Christians are responsible is to say to an individual "You kinda look like the person that is responsible so I am holding you responsible" and once again Racist
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