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I hope this can contribute to a better image of my GOD in your minds. When I learned this truth, was the moment I was truly proud of the GOD I was serving. A God of Mercy!

I know that many believers and atheists alike have a picture of what the afterlife and hell look like - a place of eternal torment and pain.  I have come to the conclusion that this is not so. Coming to the conclusion that hell is NOT a place of eternal suffering and torment, made me even more comfortable with the God that I serve. 

What is the state of the dead?

Answer : Those who have died are currently sleeping in the grave, awaiting resurrection. This includes the wicked and upright, believers and unbelievers. Only babies and innocent children need not sleep in death, nor take part in the resurrection at the Last Day.

What is the fate of the wicked?

Answer : The unrepentant wicked, who reject the forgiveness and lordship of YahuShua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ), are cast into the Lake of Fire, & will be utterly destroyed and no longer exist.

For undeniable/exhaustive proof on this issue, please refer to my signature link & scroll down till u see : "Is hell a place of eternal suffering/torment? NO. + what happens when you die?"

Away with catholics! Away with the orthodox! Away with the false traditions of men! Away with all this PAGANISM! YHWH is truly deserving of worship! Glory to JESUS in the highest!


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