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As some of you may be aware, I haven't been around much on the forum of late... actually, not at all, since about June.  Real Life has kept me fairly busy.  See, I met this woman on WWGHA about that time.  We were both in the process of getting divorces, and we fell in love.  I quit my job, moved from Houston to Detroit, and since about Christmas we've been "a thing", as the young uns say. I have no doubt that our future life together will be as rich and amazing as these past several months have been.

It isn't often that the Forum family gets to celebrate happy news like this, so we wanted to share.  Here's Xphobe and Persephone this evening, just chillin' after a satisfying dinner of broccoli beef and curry chicken.

I wish I had gotten to meet some of the Texas members before I left (Jetson and Zankuu especially) but on the bright side, I'm now much farther away from George Bush and Rick Perry, and much nearer to Ambassador Pony and Dave Mabus.  I'm looking forward to getting Pony drunk on cheap tequila.

Ok, so how does this tie in with the theme of this section: a personal experience that led me to or away from a religious belief?  Well, I guess it's this - I have had, and am having, the most profound, rewarding experience of my life.  No prayer or deity (as far as I can tell) was involved.  If there is a supreme being, it's Persephone. And she feels the same about me.

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