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sometimes, I think people just want to be offended.

What people?  Specifically.  Using such neutral terms to level an accusation is unfair and kind of cowardly.

I freely admit I loathed Oprah before this.  So it is possible this is just another reason to detest her.  But I do not think it is fair to say I want to be offended.  That accusation is offensive.

I don't loathe or love her. Rarely watched her show and only then when I didn't have control of the clicker. However, she did a mighty fine job in The Color Purple.

I am not offended by what she said. She sells various things that promote her kind of universal woo. The problem is that if a person doesn't share her version of woo, then that person is unfeeling, uncaring, uninteresting ... an atheist. By not accepting her brand of woo, by not thinking like she does, she creates a whole new divide among people and uses the club of atheism to beat off the offenders. I doubt that she meant harm, but, then again, many Christians say and do the same thing.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
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