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So why don't we see things like this in modern times?  Jesus repeatedly told his disciples obtaining miracles required faith.  His disciples healed some people, but not others.  Jesus said it was because of their lack of faith.   Apparently, when people are confronted with certain aflictions, they cannot drum up enough faith to receive the healing.   It becomes too hard to believe in God.   But believe we must.

You are not faithful enough, you must be more faithful.

Can't you people come up with something less trite than "pray harder"?

So does it occur to you that maybe modern day mankind, due to it's dependence on medical science, has lost faith in God, and therefore can't receive healing?   


What occurs to me is that with medical science we currently have 6-7 billion people living on the planet. There were never that many in Jesus' supposed lifetime or even subsequently as the Catholics told everyone to go forth, be fruitful -- MULTIPLY! What occurs to me is that 3 out of 10 women no longer die during childbirth, and at least in the Western World, 9 out of 10 women no longer bear 10-20 children during their lifetimes. What occurs to me is that we have rid ourselves of the small pox and polio viruses (just two among many). We can save someone during a heart attack, we can put cancer in remission -- hell, we even know what blood type you have so that we don't do something foolish like hook you up to a goat thinking you can share vital fluids.

You think we lack faith and that's why we have to rely on science. Really? Are you that mentally moribund?

Or maybe it is because of people like you, who are doing your best to destroy people's faith.

Not once in my life have I ever attempted to destroy someone's faith. I have always been live-and-let-live, unlike most Christians who have personally set out to destroy other's sensibilities by instilling fear and control. Christians routinely try to convert me. They knock on my door or leave little things hanging on the handle when I don't answer -- all of them trying to convert me to their faith. Look in the mirror -- you won't like what you see.

If you wish to come here and debate the existence of a god, then by all means you are going to get some negative feedback on your positive assertion that a God exists or that Jesus saves or that Mary was a virgin.

Do you not like the way I am responding to you now? As a point of comparison, you should examine how another accidental visitor, Anne, was handled by me in a thread about Catholicism. Anne did not accuse me of things as you have. She made her points in a polite way and I responded to them in a polite way, as well. Maybe you could learn some things from Anne.

Mabye now that we have a modern day record of a healing of rabies, others will have sufficient faith to believe that disease can be healed again.  Your alternative (disbelief in God) offers NOTHING to mankind.  It offers no hope.   Why should anyone accept that?

Because hope has not gotten you anywhere at all.  HOPE didn't create the computer upon which you sent us your lovely thoughts. HOPE didn't create the software that allows the web to exist and transfer information. HOPE didn't create the electricity that you use to turn on a light bulb. HOPE didn't create safety procedures that allow you to take medications that alleviate your medical problems.

No, HOPE didn't do any of that. People who got off their knees and put their hands to work did all of that. They didn't have HOPE. They had DETERMINATION. Perhaps you should look up the word determinate and reflect upon your ... hope.
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