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Look I'm not going to respond to each one of you.  I am only going to say this.  Don't expect something from others that you are not willing to give. I have listened more to y'all than y'all have me, so quit complaining already.

I have listened to you very little and responded even less. I am not complaining about anything regarding your posts. You seem to run hot/cold or high/low or positive/negative ... moody. I don't know if that's an established part of your personality, a consequence of cancer treatment or the ongoing internal conflict with your own beliefs. It is what it is.

I have never said I was morally superior than any body here because I believe in God. That's what y'all are saying. 

Perhaps you haven't, and no I'm not. Do realize, however, that many people who believe in a god hold themselves morally superior to anyone who identifies as an atheist solely because someone identifies as an atheist and not because they have analyzed the speech and actions of atheists. Whether believers express it openly or passively by their actions, most people who express a belief in a god find themselves morally superior to those who don't. About 20 years ago, these expressions of moral superiority would have been open and brutal. Nowadays, they are less open and less brutal because it is becoming, however gradually, politically incorrect to express such moral superiority. Instead of doing it on the streets in front of homes or schools, it is now done from behind a pulpit in church, the pulpit of a television camera, or the unseen pulpit of a keyboard attached to the internet. Nevertheless, it still occurs and we put up with it. Moral superiority is the modus operandi of Christians -- without it they have no leg upon which to stand.

When I first got here y'all told me God wasn't needed for a person to have good moral judgement.  Well where I come from it is not morally good to talk about smacking people or telling someone to go on to heaven since it's so wonderful.  That's the same as saying drop dead.

Have you heard the phrase "the pot calling the kettle black"?

Given my response above about "god-fearing Christians" reacting to believers, we often have believers drop by, tell us their testimony or some other anecdote about why they believe in god, and usually not long after tell us that we are going to go to hell or it's equivalent euphemism such as "you will spend an eternity in darkness" or "you will spend an eternity in sin" ... I'm sure there are other euphemisms but I try to ignore and forget them. What I don't forget is the implication, directly or indirectly, that we are "going to hell" or that we are already there.

While I have not told you to "drop dead", nor have I implied it and nor do I care to, I am sure that I am not alone in that circumstance. Plenty of caring people on this forum do not tell others to drop dead. You have to live with a loud-mouth or two whether it is on this forum, one of your neighbors or somebody at your church. Your over-reaction to such loudmouths is again proof of either your innate moodiness or an indirect expression of your internal conflict -- I'm not sure which. If you were confident in your beliefs and comfortable with them, you would not allow such attacks to bother you so much. Yet, you do.

Calling people stupid, idiot, delusional, lack of critical thinking; my favorite one.  Yea, I read some bad interpretations here from theists, Skywriter comes to mind, but y'all are over the top with the jokes and sarcasm.  Why can't you just simply say that contradicts Love.  Love is more important than convincing someone that the earth is older than the bible.  Love will change people for the better.  Not this stuff.

Please define love. Exactly what is it? Since I can love my spouse, my child, my dog, a good beer, music, architecture ... I have to ask you, since this "love" is all the world needs and all that people need to share, what exactly is this "love"?

You won't be able to define it, not even for yourself. Nobody has ever been able to define love. The closest you can really get is "deep affection for something or someone". What is this "affection"? How does one achieve affection? It's personal choice -- often an innate choice. There are certain things you love naturally, others you hate. There are certain people or things you grow affection for. Still, you cannot define what "love" is.

Unless you can define what love is and know exactly how to acquire it, the term "love" is entirely useless when talking about how to treat other people and things. Why? You sometimes have to treat other people and things with a level of respect that you muster deep inside in spite of the fact that you don't love them. In fact, you may hate them but you will treat them better than your hate. Isn't this what Jesus professed? If you agree that Jesus professed this, then you know that inherently you cannot love everything, but you are supposed to treat everything as though you love it. Therefore, Jesus recognized that "love" is undefinable, illusive and fleeting. "Love" is a personal term and it's meaning cannot be transferred to others.

Ok Nam you're right I made it all up.  I hope that makes you smile.  :)

Without having read this entire post before responding I figured that Nam was the person who was agitating you the most. The report system is full of sparks where your blade hits his sharpener. The two of you feed off each other. Why can't you express unconditional "love" for Nam? Isn't that what Jesus would do?

Screw you are relentless.  I am not religious.  O wait a minute yes I am.  Hope you're smiling. :) 

Screws are circular so their reach is never-ending. Sometimes people screw, and it's fun. You might "love" it. Sometimes people get screwed and hate it. I hope you still love Screw anyway.

As far as why I'm here I've told you all before.  I care about the world I live in.  I care about you.  We both hate religion.

If you care about the world in which you live then you will approach it with as much "love" as you can personally muster, which means you may have to deal with it in ways that do not come naturally to you.

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