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I have to take issue with the idea proposed here that people need to have guns to defend their lives. Folks all over the world live quite well without packing firearms.

So far, I have lived 47 years without the need for my own personal firearm. I have experienced no threats in which I would need a firearm, and very few threats beyond that.

The residents of Vancouver BC, Paris, Tokyo and Stockholm are not being robbed, raped or mowed down in the streets due to the lack of personal weaponry. The foreign students at the college where I teach are shocked that guns are sold at the local Walmart and in neighborhood pawn shops.

Not surprisingly, there are two subsets of voters with a lot of overlap. Those who think everyone should have the right to buy firearms but expect no one to ever use their firearms, and those who think teenagers should not be given prophylactics because if we do give teenagers prophylactics the teenagers will think they have permission to have sex with abandon. Likewise, these groups are confounded by the high birth rates among teenagers who have almost no way to get birth control but they are not the least bit confounded by the high death rate from the proliferation of firearms.

When does ignorance stop being bliss?

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