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Hello. I have seen your thoughts.

Really? Are they in color? If so, how many? Did it look like it was all stirred up or did it appear like a 3D display of fractals?

I haven't seen my own thoughts, so I'm not sure what they look like. I've never seen my own anus, either, but my gastroenterologist told me that I have some external hemorrhoids, and I'm sure they are colorful on occasion.

A question for you.

I know you did not have a father.

I don't think that's a question. Usually when a question occurs there is this funny little symbol at the end that looks like this:


Well, anyways, I did have a father. It's impossible to not have a father, and I have 23 reasons to know that I had a father.

But if you did, and your father said "no," would that mean he wasn't real?

Oh, look! Now there's a question mark. ^  Maybe you were so engrossed in viewing my thoughts that you got your own out of order.

My father said "no" on many different occasions, but sometimes he said "yes". He also said other things. He often strung multiple syllables together to form sentences. It was fascinating.

Did your father do the same?

You cannot bully or push God around. And you are not going to change His mind. But you can ask Him your questions. And believe that He will answer you.

God? What god? Where does he live? I haven't met him. You know, I have shouted out his name on more than a few occasions and he has never shown up. I don't understand why.

[name removed]

Thanks for being so polite and kind, even though you seem a little odd. I love you too.

Ps- Yeshua/Jesus is the one name in Heaven and on Earth by which we must be saved.

Jesus? Is something wrong with Jesus? He did some work in my back yard a few years ago, and I hope he is okay. Was he hurt?

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