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The abortion debate is one that seems to be getting louder and louder in today's society... This is my take... Abortion is wrong, in all cases except if it is endangering the life of the mother. From a religious or secular view I believe that the very Idea that this is still something we debate is rather sick. Am embryo, a fetus is not just a living thing, it is the embodiment of human potential. From the moment it is created it has the potential to be a great person. To think, to create, to love, to be loved. It has the potential to change the world, and taking that away is just sick and frankly a crime against the species as a whole. A human being is the most powerful thing in the known universe and cutting it off before it gets a chance is just not right. Please tell me I am wrong.

You are wrong.    But I am not sure why I bother to reply. Maybe it's because I woke up at 3:30am and can't get back to sleep. (I also just realized that this thread started a year ago and I haven't read any of the responses, so remember that.)

You are conflating issues while using an emotional plea for your viewpoint.

A individual lying on the street, homeless, nearly freezing to death, is an embodiment of human potential. In fact, he is a human not just a potential human. You likely wouldn't pay much attention to him, much less fawn over his very existence.

A woman has a right to terminate a pregnancy if she doesn't want one.  Period.  It's her body, her choice.  As a man, if I had something growing inside of me and I didn't want it there, I have the right over my person to ask a doctor to cut it out.   Period.  So does she. I do not view women as second class citizens of earth who are relegated to suffer whatever whimsy men can muster. To force women to do whatever we want just because they are women is not only sexist, it's perverted.

If men could get pregnant, abortion would always be an option. There is no doubt about that.     At all.     Zero.

Furthermore, from a religious/ethical perspective, there is no issue with either on the topic of abortion. In the bible god dashed to pieces the fetuses of countless women, and the bible makes no other bones about the issues of fetuses. It's not even a topic. It's not even a commandment. Yet, some people have turned their obsession over the human fetus into some kind of multiorgasmic sexual fetish that must be satisfied by enslaving women in the bondage of somebody else's fantasies. It's sick, perverted, illogical, stupid and sexist.

Finally, your emotional plea to make every fetus the object of ultimate human desire by attributing to it so many prophetic graces ignores the reality that we would all be better off if Adolph Hitler was never born (the most obvious token example of the 20th century). Just because it's a fetus doesn't mean it's going to make a great human that must be protected at all costs. That's just silly. Almost always the fetish practitioners are of the Christian fundamentalist cult who totally ignore what happens to the little fetuses after they are born. They are ignored when it comes to helping out the mother raise them. The Cult of Christianity further persecutes the mother for giving up her child for adoption, does little if anything to help raise the child, routinely rails against paying any contributions (called taxes) to help feed or educate children (while getting really cranky if it doesn't receive its own tithings) and then impales the grown adult fetuses upon the daggers of the law for just about any possible infraction imaginable and happily spends tens of thousands of dollars per year incarcerating them for decades with little hope of education, vocation or freedom. Please reconcile that with your love of human potential.

Did I mention how people treat animals? Is human potential the only potential for life that we care about? As caretakers of this planet under no responsibility for the way we treat our fellow beings?

From where comes this sick, twisted fetish for fetuses?

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