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I should state that I am in favor of background checks for everyone buying a firearm.  To satisfy me, all you have to do is make sure there is no database created that could lead to easy registration.  I know this will place me in the lunatic fringe element, but a database could lead to registration, which could lead to confiscation or prohibition.

I'm for a database of all firearms. No exceptions. Why am I for it? First, because there are so many gun owners who are against it and without a good reason. That alone is a red flag. Second, if we registered firearms we would more likely figure out how firearms got into the hands of the criminals in the first place.

I am required to have more training to get a drivers license and must undergo periodic testing to maintain it. That is more than is required of any gun owner. My car has to be registered with the state, it must be inspected at the time it is traded to another individual, and that trade is to be recorded by the state at the time of sale. Moreover, if my car is judged as a total loss, I have to go to the state and get the title marked as "salvage" and I can only get that switched to recovered salvage if I prove that the car was adequately fixed. As I drive my car, I am monitored for my ability to follow the rules and I can be cited for violating the rules, potentially leading to revocation of my license. These rules are implemented for the safety of society at large.

The lack of care, training, handling and monitoring of firearms is a major disconnect with rationality.

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