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To add to the OP, we should consider alternate ways to communicate or discuss topics for this forum while achieving a few other things at the same time (hopefully).

This forum has a habit of breaking down due to a lack of maintenance and care of the owner. For that and a few other reasons we had used the Atheist Think Tank forum as a backup communication system. Due to the upcoming renewal for that URL/forum, the apparent lack of anyone willing to take over/manage that site, and the low traffic it has been getting, it will likely disappear and we need an alternative.

Additionally, on occasion we have complained about the difficulty in attracting new members or keeping old ones. Some people have left because they found the rules here to be too rigid or the discussion too tough or inflexible, and others exercised their time on these topics and wished to expand to new ones. We each have our own reasons for reading and discussing what we like, but we also have reasons to maintain the links to those members we know and understand well. We get where they are coming from, why they say what they say and we know how to weigh the thoughts and opinions. Consequently, we need to enhance our forum communication, upgrade our presence on the web and complement our efforts in discussing WWGHA, reason, rationality, etc.

I think the reddit website provides many ways for us to do this while also freeing us from the lack of system support this site has suffered for years. In order to test how a subreddit may work for us, I have created a new one here:


The creation of this subreddit is not meant to usurp this forum in any way, but rather allow us to experiment with newer ways of doing things. The WWGHA forum has been around since 2005 (a different domain name was used at that time), and 9 years on the internet is a very long time to keep doing things in the same way. The rest of the internet agrees. Web forums are becoming increasingly less popular ways to communicate and share ideas because other methods like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Disqus and Reddit are performing those functions better, faster and with more exposure.

With the power of subreddits, we can even make a subreddit that is restricted to forum members here or to other reddit members we like. The subreddit I created happens to be public and available to all. It is merely a starting point, not a completely packaged alternative.

I encourage each of you to make an account on reddit (if you don't already have one), test out how it works, subscribe to the subreddit above, lurk around a bit in other subreddits (if you care to do so). Furthermore, something that I just noticed is that the WWGHA domain expires on January 14, 2014 and who knows if it is setup for automatic renewal? If so, who knows if the attached credit card has been updated with the new expiration date? Does that credit card still exist? This site has gone down before due to a lack of proper renewal and could take weeks to return to service, if at all.

You should at least sign up for reddit and subscribe to the subreddit just in case we cannot communicate here. We may have to bug out at any time.

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