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  Well, onesteward, the bible doesn’t support free will.  However, it’s full of nonsense that contradicts itself.  If there were no free will, the whole bible makes no sense starting with “In the beginning…”

 Why did Christ die for everyone?If there is no free will then the whole Bible makes no sense? Well...exactly.You do remember that I'm not a Calvinist?

I do love how you want to claim that God “was” about to do something but golly, didn’t get around to it.  So, this omnipotent beign can’t do something?  How not in the definition…&)

I'm not sure what you mean here, Velkyn.I believe God does have "limitations", though.

and I’m just asking for evidence for your god. No need to suddenly have to get all metaphorical is there?  Or do we have one more instance in the bible where suddenly the literal now becomes metaphor since we have a cornered Christian?  I’m looking for a true believer and a poser who is worshipping a false god, just like in the story.  I’m just the amused observer, and the one looking for the evidence that your god is real and as you claim.  The backslidden Israel if you wish, though I don’t even think this god exists, but my mind is always open if you think you can produce.
If you are referring to 'fire on the altar' I couldn't.All the evidence needed is already 'in play'.That should have been obvious by your own conversion.

  And you are wrong, there is nothing in 1 Kings that say what the other priests thought.  As always, onesteward, you add things that are not there.  We only see that Elijah murders the priests, not what they thought.
Of course not.Even if it did I would think 'science' would be the furthest thing from their thoughts at that time.
I think murder would require "innocent victims".I  don't think God saw them that way, actually.
   Oh the bible is supposed to be a “sign”?  Really, a book that has been changed, interpreted in a million different ways, that no one has yet to show that they have the “right” interpretation of?
Are you saying that there is no overall consensus about the basic tenets of the Christian faith, Velkyn?Your conversion experience and mine are very similar, actually.You are obviously Calvinistic while I am not.No problem there.
 The point I was making though is this: I believe The Bible so if it testifies that Thomas was given that particular sign it is the same as me getting it.

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