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Each of us IS a soul (spirit) which resides throughout the body. Ed

Because we are linked to our bodies through our material brains. If we are somewhat linked to our brains then it makes sense that we would be affected. Ed

So does a person loose part of his soul when he becomes an amputee?

Since a person who loses a body-part does not become less of a person, I would say that such a person does not lose part of his soul ( himself or herself ). Ed

Did twins split a soul?

No, each twin is a complete person.  Ed

We are a massively multicellular organism. Every thing we are can be broken down to the microscopic cell. Are you telling me that when a skin cell flakes off and dies that the cell's soul went off to heaven before the rest of the body?

Cells and body-parts are not people and therefor do not have souls, each part of the body is part of a collective organism which acts as one vessel for one soul.  Ed

I was "saved" at the age of eight and according to our current scientific knowledge almost none of those original cells that made up my body then are alive. Are they now in heaven while my deconverted body of today will go to hell when it dies?

No, please see my answer above.  Ed
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