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Cool story. But this is flawed if used as an analogy. I'll tell why:

First of all I'm a programmer, so I exist.  :laugh:

1) Even the most advanced AI would never question if a creator exists. The need for a creator is based on emotions (fear of death, etc) and computer programs have only logic, no emotion.
2) The programmer could easily leave comments in the source code, something like (// creates comments in C++ source code):

Code: [Select]
// This program was created  by YHWH
3) Ok. You may argue the program can't read its own source code. It's like humans knowing their origin beforehand. Then the programmer would explicitly write a routine to tell other programs that he was created by him. See this pseudo-code (for non-programmers to understand):

Code: [Select]
// Program A
If talking to another program then
....say "Hi! I was created by YHWH. And so was you. Execute routine X to see I'm right."
End If

Code: [Select]
// Program B
Routine X
....say "We're all created by YHWH."
End Routine

Then there would be no arguing. So, if God is a human programmer he's a very bad programmer. Which is strange for a supreme intelligent being that LOVES humans and want humans to acknowledge him and glorify his name.
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