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I'm sorry you have missed my intentions very much so, my main goal when I came on here was to learn and expose myself to different ideas, I have many good friends that don't believe the same as me. I enjoy learning about all kinds of people's beliefs whatever those may be, I think it is extremely possible for people of varying beliefs to share those ideas with each other in a respectful matter. I try and read all of what everyone on here says without any bias honestly, I can admit what my bias is and look at things without it I think we all should. So have you heard a lot, little, or none of the evidence believers say there is for the supernatural?

Samuel, I feel i must apologize for my tone the last time i posted to you; you've been nothing but courteous, and i was a little snarkier than i intended.

That said, I've heard a LOT of the "evidence" for the supernatural, and none of it moves me. In fact, i don't think any of it actually counts as evidence at all. At best, it's anecdotal, not empirical. Near death experiences: Easily explained by science. Jesus' prophetical fulfillments: circular biblical logic. Efficacy of prayer: Zero evidence. Innate moral code: Easily explained by natural selection.
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