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Hey guys, whats up? It seems you are all angry at God. (unintelligent statement you say)
Well, I am just making conversation :)
Why are you so angry then? Give me your reasons please, because believe it or not(I kinda know where you are on this one), God does exist and love each and every one of you. Even if you lined up every single curse word you can throw, He shall still love you. Well its your choice.
If you have noticed, none of you has given me a single verified reason to hate God. Think about it, you(to whom it applies) say that the bible is not true, a fable book, but you use this as evidence to say that this God is evil, and "kills millions of kids", yet if you believe him to not exist, then you are claiming that a non existant one is causing all the trouble that does trouble you. Kinda like "the fairy ate the cake" line that kids give.
But give me a reason as to why you, YOU(personal) believe God is that way.
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