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Earthfreak... I'm fully closeted, and I'm in a So. Baptist church where they will tell you they have amazing abilities to spot the heathens and convert them.

Wow, sorry.   I saw you have another thread on that, I will try to catch up.

I can't imagine being "closeted" (I am also queer, and somewhat closeted in some situations, but overall, not really at all) - must be hard.

I love the word "heathen"  - we actually have a group of nontheists that meets monthly at my meeting.  Its official name is "quakers without god" but for a while we were referring to ourselves as "heathen quakers" internally, which resonated so much better.    Quakers believe in direct experience of God being very important, and not predictable.   We also value honestly (like, officially)  - there's not a lot of pressure to explain your experience of spirituality, but with most of us, in my circles, anything that's not harmful to others is greeted with respect, or at least tolerance.  That's why I love us :)
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