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Junebug, how did your god come about?

I'm not sure but I have this hypothesis that God was created in the Big Bang.

Please believe me when I say I do not mean to offend you with this post. It will be difficult.

Junebug, you have rolling around that head of yours the most ridiculous assortment of beliefs I have ever come across.
For the life of me I cannot begin to imagine the disjointed web of thought [and I call it thought merely for convenience sake] that leads you to these inane assertions. To me what is even more amazing is the sufficient boldness you must have to post these beliefs, EVEN ANONYMOUSLY, where any thinking person might read them.

Again my aim is not to offend, but let me also be clear. It is not the beliefs themselves, their lack of of foundation or even their apparent imperviousness to argument that gets to me. No. Its the the absolute zero (0) logical correlation they seem to have with one another. The absense even of any apparent ATTEMPT to resolve them.

I am a theist. I am familiar with the arguments of atheism. I don't agree with most of them. It is the way I think but it is also my choice.
I believe in a sovereign power over this universe. I believe in mans eternal relation to this sovereign power. But most importantly, I see the signature and identity of this power in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Junebug, you literarily make me ashamed of everything I believe.
Your so evidently irrational convictions bring more doubt that the most militant atheistic attacks on my faith. With any argument you can strain to find a counterargument. But I have no response for the portrait of faith you create each time you share your views on this site.

Its not that you make me think atheism is true, its that you damage my capacity to believe anything whatsoever. You feed a very dangerous nihilism that I have been prone to my entire life. You do this not by beautifying despair but by disgracing its counterpart. And that is how my hope feels every time I have to read something you have written, disgraced. Every time I hear you speak about god it's as if I were watching my own mother being stripped naked in a market square.

I suggest maybe you read some books on thought, that you practice skepticism or take a course in philosophy. Most importantly I most strongly suggest that you no longer just post whatever abstraction of thought you've cultured in your mind. So far I do not know that they have benefited anyone, quite the opposite in fact.

I am not directly offended by any of your posts. You've already said that you do not intend to force anyone into your beliefs. Your wish is merely to be understood. I ask that you receive this post in much the same way.
For you god's love is a wonderful, personal and needed experience. You wish to share this wonderful experience with as many people as possible. It's a noble mission. However, if your intent is truly to bring light into the lives of others, then you must pay very close attention to the responses your getting. Otherwise you may inadvertently do more damage than repair.

I am just one example. Your words have brought darkness on my soul. In many ways this post isn't an insult or an advise, its a plea for mercy.
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