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I worry deeply for your conception of God. It has profited you neither knowledge of Him and His works, nor the understandings of his righteousness.
What manner of being do you presume him to be. He that made you. That even with all your flaws and imperfections loved you with a perfect love so that YOU also might become perfect.
You truly do not know Him or His works. But by slandering him and denying him you call yourself bastards. For every child that is born has his name and purpose by his father, and only the child without a father is born without purpose. How do you then by your actions call yourself the sons of nothing.
You have chosen to hate and so Hatred has you.
But you abjectly deny Love and by it deny that you are loved by Him.

But you asked what part God played in this mans life, so here...


Are you not ashamed, even the things of God you would pervert to serve your ends. You childishly seek to destroy men's faith; but look up, and see that this same faith is responsible for all these miracles you see around you.

Still, the understanding of these things is far from you, but it was YOU who distanced your heart.
I have given this to you so that you might not continue to argue like fools and laugh your drunken laughs but with the hopes that you might be silent, look sharp, and see that this mans victory did not come from him or from his doctors, but from the Lord.

Despite the many obstacles he's faced and continues to face, Pistorius is a true champion. He is very clear about the source of his strength during the trials he has faced: “Christ makes all the difference. He aids me in my struggles and makes my glories that much better.”
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