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blue is a figment of my imagination?
my face turning blue is a figment of my imagination?
how blue do I have to become before blue can be observed?
yeah, I resisted the temptation to throw my attitude around.
I am learning.. very slowly  ;D

You can call it blue. I call it blue. Those of us not colorblind all agree it is blue.

It actually isn't. But there is no need to quibble as long as we all say it is.

The real world we see looks just like we think it does because that is what our brain tells us. I find it more fun to think about what reality is really like than I do arguing with fellow deceived humans about it. It is mind blowing. At least for me.
can I give you a shiny star?
oh fuck...
I just read your post.
this is not good...
this deserves a double wow and a no shit, possibly a fuck heck two fucks and shit... and an OMG plus the crazy combination of the words horse bullshit on the up-down of the sideways looking domple and that is one big domple!
did you get all that?
are you here?
come on?
where are you?
where can you go?
can you see it?
is it real?
can you escape reality?
and don't turn blue.
fight ParkingPlaces, fight because you deserve it.
and they are only questions... nothing more, nothing less.
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