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Pedophilia is involuntary, a condition one is born with. Like a tendency towards addictive behaviors such as alcoholism, it is manageable but may be a lifelong struggle to avoid giving into temptation. That struggle may be easy for some, and some will fail. But we must recognize that it is essentially a medical condition and respond with therapy and understanding, not harsh punishments.

For those that try to self-medicate, using child pornography to abate their sexual desires, we should applaud them for making the conscious decision to not harm an actual child. Locking them up in prison is insanely stupid, it is punishing them for doing the right thing. As the sentence for possession is typically longer than the sentence for actually raping a child, what are we teaching them? Hey, next time don't bother with the porn, we're going to lock you up anyway, you might as well rape a real kid and your sentence will be even shorter.
Having one drink is not alcoholism, nor is it detrimental to society.
You seem to be objectifying children to the level of a beer bottle.
Nobody is interested in protecting beer bottles from beer drinkers.
The self-medicatation argument is laughable.
Child pornography is child pornography because hold the beer bottle... contains children.
I know this may seem cute to you or whatever to establish yourself as somewhat of a normal and beneficial member of society especially at WWGHA, but arguing that a child be objectified in the manner in which you convey is sickening.
Pedophiles are not objects, they are adults who exploit children.
I have identified you as a pedophile and any treatment that encourages castration or cerebral modification I am in favor of.
I do not enjoy having to communicate with you, but I unlike you ( as per your response to my question about when to prepare your children to defend themselves against sexual predators ) want to integrate into a healthy society, free from child exploitation.
It may take small steps,  but I am willing to take them.... are you?
Should we punish people for exploitation of children yes.
Should we punish people for exploitation of drinking beer no.
It is ultimately a choice that people drink beer, but like I said nobody is fighting for the rights or barely and hops, or potatoes for that matter.
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