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Thanks you guys for the warm welcome!


My family is atheist, so I grew up as one. My parents are both Estonian but we moved to Canada and Estonia tends to have a low religious belief rate anyways.

When I was young (kindergartenish) people would always say whether they were Christian or Muslim or whatever and I never understood what they were talking about. I didn't understand religion and why people would believe in god. As I got older I would sometimes debate religion with friends and would always get stuck on their circular reasoning for example when I asked them who created god, they replied "god created himself" and of course I didn't know how to reply. I guess those times got me thinking more about all of this stuff and wanting to know more answers, which led me here.

I've lived my life relatively peacefully, I used to fear the nothingness of death but I've gotten over it. I'm planning to live this life as well as I can and get the most out of it. :)
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