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Omen said:
It should be as simple as providing evidence that you have grass in your backyard.

Let's see where this can go...
BSD: Okay Omen, I just mailed you some clippings from my yard.
Omen response: I got your so-called "clippings" in the mail.  I had them tested and all it tells me is that it is a mix of the Kentucky Blurgrass species with a 95% probablity rate that they come from Illinois Climate Zone 5a.  This proves nothing.

BSD: Here's a photo of my lawn.  See my kids play set?  Isn't that cute?  I helped build that.  Look, there's my neighbors yard (man, he needs to cut it again.  Grrrr!!)
Omen:  All I know is that this is a photo of a lawn.  This proves nothing.  And I don't appreciate the non-sequitor.  Please keep this discussion on point.

BSD: Here is a video with me and my family playing in my yard with green grass.  It's unmistakable.
Omen:  I don't know that that is you, I don't know that's your family, it's the same yard and house that are in the unproven photo. 

BSD: Here's a letter from my tax log to the state listing my address, and I photo of my in front of my house listing the same address.
Omen: I don't know that this tax record is authentic.  You could have forged it.  Yes, you are standing in front of a house with matching address, but I see no evidence of the street name.

BSD: Then drive up to my house and see for yourself
Omen: Even if I do, and I drive to your so-called house, I will not know that you actually live there and that it is your actual place of residence - it could be a relatives house that your take up residence for my visit.  It sounds insane, but it is a possibility. 

BSD: Ask police, ask my neighbors, see the utility bills.
Omen: Utility bills can be forged.  About the police and neighbors: all that is is people talking.  They offer witness, but that is not proof. They can lie.

BSD: Then how do I prove I have grass in my back yard.
Omen: You must provide enough evidence.

Is this at all accurate, Omen, if I try to provide evidence of grass in my lawn?  Maybe you wouldn't go to this extreme in reality, but you conceivably could.  At what point in this hypothetical example would you start to accept the truth and stop doubting?  And why at that point, and not the point before it, or after it?  You can ask questions about anything... even many widely accepted scientific theories have their doubters and skeptics.  It depends on the person and how willing they are to accept evidence. 

All I can do, or will do, if offer my reasons and evidence.  You will doubt, criticize and deny probably everything I write.  I don't care if you accept them or deny them, but they are my reasons and they are my evidence.  Not a single point will be proof, but evidence.  I plan to put this together like a puzzle.  One piece will tell you the picture.  But put enough of them put together in a logic manner, well for me proof is what it is.
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