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But I just understand how the others may not be as convincing to some people, however I think the moral and the historical evidence for Jesus stand very strong and I am more then willing to interact on those if you all would like. But to further answer the question these two arguments I have just named, if those were logically, truthfully, and coherently disproved I would have a lot to rethink.

Lets assume for a moment that Jesus did exist, that physically there was a man in that region at that time.  The historical evidence for even that is sketchy, but I will give you that.  I will also give you that if he did exist, his teachings were generally moral.  There are exceptions to that, but largely I would consider the tradition of Jesus to be "moral".

The thing is... at what point does that prove the existence of God?  I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that a man who occasionally goes by the name of Garja online, currently lives in South-Central Ohio, behaves morally, loves his family, teaches children and wants the best for society.  Garja stands in front of a rapt audience 180 days a year for 45 minute sermons 6 times a day.  His teachings are moral, they talk frequently about the sins of those in the past and how men and women can move beyond that while recognizing how those past decisions effect us today.  Garja has spoken with thieves, drug dealers, gang members,rapists and drug dealers and approached them as equals, but equals who lacked the ability to lead moral lives. 

At what point does being moral equate divinity?
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