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Alright when I say it's not perfect I do include word for word perfect, by which I mean there are solid ideas that all Christian theology can agree on. Mainly Jesus and if they don't have that it's no Christian theology. In the difference in the way the writers described Jesus just points to human individuality and where they stood with their own beliefs. I can't remember all the exact verses of this at the moment but I can pull them up if wanted, but it was Jesus who predicted to them they would not understand his truth fully at first but the time would come. You can see this in many places for example when Jesus first tells them about the death he is going to face and they are upset and say no that is not your fate. I believe it was John who at one point said maybe Jesus wasn't the one they were looking for and then job says to God I can only understand wich is verifiably true and tangible in my own reality. God answered him with about 60 questions. Se the bible also so though that God has great dignity in the free will we posses. I don't understand the putting of blame on God, for how the occupants of this earth us human beings are the real the inflictors of almost one hundred percent of all carnage and evil unto ourselves. Yeah we have starvation all over the world and we also have millionaires and billionaires who won't spare a dime for a family member. Ancient man had it in a much different way but we can't be that fragile considering our domination of the entire world now. I think if we take a look at the number one source in all history that caused the most bloodshed is obviously war, can you really blame God for human egotism and greed? God does intervene as much as he can without losing the dignity of our free will in the process. It's often said that God speaks the loudest during suffering it can just be a hard time to listen to it. The gospel teaches to be humble in all aspects of your life and Jesus was the perfect example of that, and at first it seems like a contradiction a man claiming to be the living God yet he spent his entire life dedicated to saving people and showing the lost love and in the end he chose not to save himself. However, there is no contradiction to a God loving his creation so, that he gave his son unto us. The redemption in Jesus has always been the reference point and to see that has never changed says a lot to me.
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