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I understand that the meteor story is hard to believe or all of them for that matter, but in all my doubt and disbelief at the time I knew he was telling me something and it wasnt just by chance. It is hard for me to consider that even we are here by chance when I read so much science, math, and logic saying its impossible. For instance, just the human enzyme, which is just the building block to the gene and the cell, the probability of that coming about by chance is insane I can't remember the exacts off the top of my head. I am nowhere near adapt enough in all these subjects as many others are but that's why I'm trying to study more about all this but if anyone is interested I recommend looking into Francis Collins, John Lennox, and Ravi zacharias just find some of their videos all of them are much more capable then me at answering all the questions. Also it said in that story about the translator the bible pages were coming from the general of the camp someone had given him that bible as a present and he was using it to wipe when using the restroom.
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