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Sorry I was on a camping trip with my girlfriend that's why I haven't been able to reply but for me Meaning in my life comes from love, different passions and expressions, this whole world around us the people in it and all the life in it, and untill a couple years ago I never truly and fully believed in God but now I do and this is also something that brings meaning to my life. I have awesome parents who are helping me through school to get an elementary education degree and I work at a daycare with that age group. I have a great deal of love for my parents and all my family and also for my job but my job is also one of my passions truly. The girl I'm with I've been with for over two years and I I love her very much as well. I have a lot of passions and interest ranging from writing, reading, learning and teaching, playing basketball, talking and interacting with people, and more but I'll stop. I was 15 when I really started to doubt there was a God and really started having a lot of questions. I'm 22 now I know I'm young but I will always be striving for these things in life because it is only chance we got here and I try to live it to the fullest every day and stay positive and thankful for all the great people and opportunities I have in life. I think that all of us truly have meaning value and worth in this life and respect is due to every person no matter who you are. These are simply my beliefs and I do not wish to impose or force them in any way on anyone. I just enjoy the chance to discuss these things that are important with this awe inspiring world we live in.
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