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Alright so first off if you were to start with the problem of evil, which is basically the backbone of the amputee argument, at least it seems. To say that you believe in evil, you are assuming a moral law to know what is good or evil, and to have a moral law means that there must be a moral law giver. Protest to this is welcome.
Science itself has been since its origin been used to prove and disprove God. But the true undeniable fact is that only the bible out of all religious text states things which have been proven correct by modern science. Such as in Job where it states that our earth hangs on nothing referring to gravity no visible by the eye. The bible tought you were to circumcise a boy on the 8th day they were living. And now modern science tells us that on this day only in life the chemical in the body which clots blood is at an all time high for all of their life. For many years humans did not have any conception of the amount of stars in the universe and not untill only modern science  have we learned that it is or almost is infinite this number. Yet thousands of years ago so
How the bible stated the number of stars is like the number of particles of sand on earth.  I can keep going if anyone would like but the evidence for not only God but the bible extends from science to historical, archeological, mathmatical, and more.
God loves us so that he suffered the greatest on the cross so we can be forgiven because as the creator of us he knows us, and he knows our human nature is evil.
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