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My son is pretty snarky.  He doesn't like to have serious discussions with me.  I know the friends he hangs out with at school are the "troublemakers."  This doesn't really bother me because the offenses required to achieve that label at a fundy Christian school are pretty ridiculous.  He makes fun of people who post Bible verses and pretentiously spout Jesus stuff all the time.  He also makes fun of aggressive Atheists who jump on every spiritual thing they see as if it is a personal attack.  He is very Scientific minded.  The Bible Teacher is actually a pretty cool and decent guy. Brian confessed to me that he got into a debate/argument with him over the Young Earth theory and managed to place doubts into his head.  I was pretty impressed.  Sometimes I wonder why they let him stay at that school.  Possibly a combination of his test scores bump up their averages, his grandfather was one of the founders of the school and I think his grandmother is still a financial benefactor. Or maybe because I have been the "ringer" in their performance of the Hallelujah Chorus for the past 10 years...
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