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I'm done here too.  Apparently you must be crazy to seek support on an atheist website unless you're atheist.

I disagree.  I came to this forum as a theist.  I have found more support and reassurance here than from my facebook friends who are people who have met me IRL.  I find that rather sad and quite disappointing.  The atheists offer sound advice and more in some cases, the friends offer mostly empty prayers when they should be in the position to offer real help.  I know which forum members have opinions I will never agree with or attitudes that have a negative tone and if I see they are the poster I don't read that post.  I rarely engage them.  It is that simple.  Each thread seems to become it's own little community with it's own regular posters.  I stick to familiar threads and familiar posters.  There is plenty of support in a support thread but it doesn't extend to the debate threads.  Out there you are on your own.  Anyone with class would not insult someone in a support thread.  I see we have some classless members here lately.
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