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I'm sorry you are going through so much crap.  I am shocked that your chemo center doesn't some type of some support team to help you deal with these type of things.  I would think it would be part of the treatment.  Ati-van (Lor-aze-pam) is not for nausea.  It is for mild to moderate anxiety.  They should be giving you Zofran (Odansetron) for nausea.  You should be getting Xan-ax (Al-prazo-lam) or Dia-ze-pam (Val-ium) for moderate to severe anxiety.  You also should have a mouthwash with Nystatin to reduce the thrush.  The anti-anxiety meds do need to be prescribed by a psychiatrist but the oncologist should be able to give you the Zofran and the mouthwash.  They should give you 4%  Lidocaine cream for your port site.  You should be able to apply for Temporary Disability which should take 3-4 months rather than 2 years.  Stopping Chemo because of the side effects is not a good idea.  It has a job to do.  I hope things start looking up for you.  (Ignore the dashes, they are to keep from being forbidden)
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