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That means you don't care about truth! You just want to feel comfortable in your belief. Unfortunately, that is the difference between you and most of us here. We do care about truth, and we are willing to sacrifice any cherished dogmas in order to discover it.

I do not think that Junebug does not care about the truth.  I think she expresses her experience of the truth in ways that are not always comprehensible to people who only care about what they can see in facts and figures and in logic.  Her education in science appears to have come largely from the science channel, the internet and this forum, not from attending college.  Her tone is folksy.  I don't understand why so many posters find it necessary to ridicule every sentence she writes.  It is not so difficult to respond to a question and correct inaccuracies without sarcasm.  Why must everyone who admits to feelings and spirituality be scorned?
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