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A Creator gives meaning and purpose to this hard life we live.

We are the meaning and purpose to this hard life we live.

A reason for existing.

There is no reason.  We just do.

Luck doesn't do that.  Luck doesn't console the mind that doesn't want to die or the loved ones left behind. 

Empathy is what does that.  And love.

Did luck even exist before mankind.

Before mankind was just animals and before animals just plants and before plants just rocks...

Where did luck come from? 

Luck came from a man's imagination when he wanted an explanation for why things happened the way they did.

It seems more likely to me that there was and is a Creator with a reason for Creating life.

I thought that, too for a long time, but I couldn't fill the holes in my own explanations.  I couldn't let him off the hook for what is going on my my life.  He is either an asshole or he doesn't exist.

My biggest question would be; how do you believe in "luck" but snub superstitions.  Luck is a type of superstition.  Who had the rabbit's foot when The Big Bang took place?

Another invention of man to explain the inexplicable.
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