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I disagree.  I firmly believed what I believed until I stopped.  And I acted as if I believed.  I don't act any different now.  I have the same core values.  I just don't expect any god to help me.

Your actions say otherwise. Why didn't you get a job clearing minefields, for example? Help people and have a higher chance of being taken to heaven early. Unless you didn't believe in an afterlife. Still, the chance to help poor people should be higher on your list than, say, helping yourself.

Well, I was in a war; worked in a refugee camp.  Not quite a minefield.  Was a homecare nurse until my employer threw me under the bus for being sick.  Used to always get chastised for keeping cases open too long.  I wasn't a fundie.  Didn't think you had to be "righteous" to get to heaven.
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