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Another Christian responds...

1.Why are you atheist ?   n/a

2.How are you became atheist ?  n/a

3.Where are you from ?  Nebraska, Germany, South Carolina, New York  (places I lived 2 years or longer)

4.How old are you ?  too close to 50

5.Do you believe in the afterlife (some atheist than I know believe to the afterlife) ? If no , can you explain why ?  yes

6.Did you read all the Bible ? If you read all the bible what biblical canon (catholic , orthodox , protestant etc...) ?  yes, several versions-
   Amplified, NIV, Today's English, King James, New King James, The Message, I also try to read in French and Spanish

7.Did you read all the Quran ? (Yes I know that for Muslims if you read a translation you don't read the Koran).  only small translated

8.Did you read an other religious text ? If yes what is it or what are they ?  Tao Te Ching, other Bhuddist texts and Hindu texts

9.What are yours hobbies ? music, reading

10.Can you define the goal of the life ? use the talents and skills I have to help others

11.Sometimes do you think ? I will go in Hell if god does exist. no

12.Sometimes do you think that God does exist maybe ?  Sometimes I question his existance

3.What do you think about people who believe in monotheistic religions ?  It depends on the individual

14.What do you think about people who believe in polytheistic religions ? see #13

15.What do you think about people who believe in a religion where there are not god(s) ?  see # 13

16.Do you have an interest about philosophy to have answers about the life ? Can you explain why ?  No, I don't think there is one
      answer that covers the meaning of life.

17.Do you fear to dead ? (I speak in a metaphysical context and about your friends , family etc...).  No.

18.Do you like your life ? If you like your life , why do you like your life. If you don't like your life I would like to know the reason.
     No, I have a chronic, painful illness.

19.Do you dream to live in a world where there are not place for the religions ? If yes or no explain please.  No, I dream of a world
     where there are no teabaggers.

20.Do you think that politic is like religion ? Explain why this is not equal or not.  It is similar in that the douchebags make everyone
      look bad.
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